Monday, March 23, 2009

Where the Hell Did My Butt Go?

Yesterday at work, a woman I work with made possibly one of the strangest comments I've gotten in awhile... She told me that my pants were too baggy in the butt, and it was almost time to buy new pants. After wondering why a female co-worker was looking at my butt, I decided that perhaps she was right... It was time to buy new pants, and most likely a new belt. The pants that I've been wearing were pre-weight loss size 14 and my belt has had so many holes added to it to get it to fit right it looks like a long strip of leathery Swiss cheese.

So after work, I wandered over to Kohl's and went through their Levis (the only brand that has covered my behind for like 15 years), grabbed a few sizes and went to try them on. I almost died when I ended going home with this pair:

I haven't been a size 8 in like nine years. I couldn't freaking believe it. So now I'm wearing size medium shirts and size 8 pants. I feel so thin. Yay me!

Maybe I shouldn't have skipped that meeting after all...

2 comments on "Where the Hell Did My Butt Go?"

Mal on March 23, 2009 at 10:47 AM said...

congrats on slimming down. Its always nice to see someone aiming to do something and succeeding.

I've got a thing for butts, i like a nice booty lol I tell everyone so sorry for being so forward lol

thanks for the comment on my movie blog

Xbox Maven on March 23, 2009 at 10:54 AM said...

Thanks Mal! :)

You know what's sad? I feel like I have less of a booty now then I did before... Like now, I feel like I'm missing a butt. It makes me sad!

If there was a way to lose weight in my face and stomach, but keep the butt and the boobs, I'd have been a happy woman. :)


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