Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Equipment Upgrades

It would figure that just as I get my blog up and running again, I suffer from an equipment meltdown. My old laptop finally suffered the last glitch I could handle before throwing it out the window. Considering it's ripe old age of 3 years, it seemed criminal to have to replace it already, but such is the wonder of modern inconveniences. They're designed to be exactly what you need for only a very short amount of time.

Now to be fair, I rode it out as long as I could... The CD drive is broken, the battery can't hold a charge, the power cord is starting to fold and fray, and the thing has absolutely no space left to save anything. It was (and is) a great laptop, and I still plan on using it for stupid things, but it was time to get the newer, fancy model.

And I have to say... My blog (and the Internet in general) looks entirely different on a 17" screen then it did on my old 12". So far, I'm really loving it. I feel so... So... Modern.

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