Friday, March 27, 2009

A Case of the "Blahs"

So I'm driving home from work (or was I driving from home to work?) with my trusty Zune in hand, skimming through my music library in hopes of finding songs that make my 24 minute drive more musically entertaining. "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars? Next. "Just Dance" by Lady GaGa? Next. "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis? Ok, that sounds good. "Please Don't Stop the Music" by Rhianna? Nope, next. "Gives You Hell" by All-American Rejects? Pass. "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake? Oh, that's one I want to hear... But not "So What?" by P!nk... How about "Sober" instead? And I'm more in the mood to hear Gwen Stefani's "Early Winter" than her "What You Waiting For," so I'll play that too.

Then it occurs to me, my musical choices of late have been pretty darn depressing... And you know what? I feel pretty depressed, for some reason. Either I've been just too generically busy, or just too generically dumb, to realize that I have been feeling down in the dumps lately. No particular reason, I guess... Work is fine, marriage is great, life is as it should be... I'm just... Blah. And it's not just me, either. One of my closest friends (hereafter and forever known as "Noob" for the purposes of this blog... Since I've decided if I'm going to talk about these people as they are a major part of my life, they should probably have names I can refer to them by so you people can follow along) is acting weird too.

So, I did what any person would do... I made rash decisions, with little thought or planning. I went to Noob's house and played games and watched stupid movies, went out to lunch and ate like a pig, then went and got all my hair chopped off because obviously changing my hair will change my life.

Amazingly, the only thing I regret doing, at this point, was eating like a pig. We went out and got Chinese food and I ate more greasy fat-laden food then I've had in months, but figured it was OK because I've never had a problem with Chinese before... But apparently 3 months into Weight Watchers and the Chinaman's food (excuse me, apparently that's not the preferred nomenclature... Asian-American's food*) doesn't sit well with me anymore.

The hair, I think, came out cute. I went from about 6 or so inches below my shoulders to just slightly longer than shoulder length. My old cut is the same one I've had for over 10 years, while this one is cuter and more up-to-date, and exactly the same, though slightly longer, than Reese Witherspoon's hair in "Sweet Home Alabama." I was dreading the husband wouldn't like it since he claims to have an irrational dislike of short hair, but he actually seemed quite happy with it. And get this... When my hair is long, it's as straight and stringy, but when it's cut to my shoulders, it has a natural curl on the end, so it's bouncy and perky and interesting... Who knew?

Of course, after the original excitement of having new hair and an afternoon of pigging out on Chinese food, the "blahs" returned... So I'm sitting on the couch with cute hair and indigestion, moping about nothing in particular. I don't know what that's all about. Maybe I'm antsy for spring? Maybe I'm tired of working so much? Maybe I have nothing better to do? Maybe it's all of the above? Who knows.

* If you haven't seen "The Big Lebowski," stop reading this blog and go rent it now. Funny stuff. Stupid, "WTF?" funny, but still funny. Unless you don't find movies like "Fargo" funny, in which case you won't find this movie funny either... Probably because you have no soul. No, I'm kidding... You have a soul (probably), just not one with a sense of humor.

2 comments on "A Case of the "Blahs""

Mal on March 27, 2009 at 9:23 AM said...

cool blog again, had me gripped from the start lol.

Sorry to hear you have been feeling down. Your hair cut sounds great. Maybe it is the change you need and i'm sure your hubby will like it

Mal on March 28, 2009 at 5:20 AM said...

btw i got L4D today and had a go. Its good but pretty lame on single player. I havnt got live either :(

Might get live and try it out


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