Friday, March 13, 2009

And then at the beginning, there was...

Well, so here it is... My blog. Not much else I can think of to say at the moment... How sad is that? An author of a blog with nothing to write about? Say it isn't so... Really, not having anything interesting to say hasn't seemed to stop other bloggers, so at least I'm in good company. What's the saying? Something like "A man once theorized that if you give 100 monkeys 100 typewriters and 100 years, they'll write the great American novel. Obviously, the Internet has proven this theory false."

I guess this blog is just my little space in the virtual world that further goes to prove the monkey theory false, but effectively wastes some of my time and, hopefully, gives me a nice outlet to express myself. I could of course choose to express myself privately, in a nice little journal that I write in whenever the mood strikes, but really... What's the fun in that? As we all know, there's a strange sense of validation that comes in having an audience.

What am I going to write about? I guess time will tell. A little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing, I'd imagine.

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